The toilet training for kids : what you need to do

If your child has been ready to use the toilet for urinating or defecate in the toilet or brave and big enough to sit in the closet.  In order to make this process easier, choose the clothes for your kids that’s easy to take off and to wear by him or herself. The famous urologist in bangalore wants to share with the ways to train them, such as :

a. Teach them the right way to sit when the child is using the bedpan or the closet. You can train the child by holding him or her when you choose to train the child to use the closet.

b. After he or she finished to the pee or poop, teach him to wash his penis. If your child is a girl, tell her to wash her miss V with her left-hand starts from the front of her miss V, then to the poop hole. This is intended to prevent the bacteria movement from the poop hole to the miss V. However, for the kids younger than 5 years old are usually not being able to clean his or her genitals properly, especially after pooping. At these ages, you must help the child to do it.

c. If you had a boy, teach him to aim his mister P below, exactly to the bedpan or toilet so the urine won’t be sprayed on the sitting area of the bedpan or closet. Teach him to clean his mister P with water each after he pooped.

d. Help the child to push the flush button on the toilet after peeing or pooping. If your child doesn’t dare to push it, you don’t have to force him or her. If you’re using the bedpan, ask the child to watch the pee and poo disposing process from the bedpan to the closet. This is required so the child will know where is the final destination of the pee and poo, and it is the closet.

e. Finally, teach the child to wash his or her hands properly after he or she is finished using the toilet.

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