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Questions to ask before transferring your website

So, what is in your mind when talking about website migration checklist? Website migration, for many reasons, can help you optimize your website. You now know the need of your site and required space to store more and more contents that can attract most of your visitors. Influencing visitors to make a purchase decision is much challenging. Why should you migrate your website? Before you jump into the checklist of migration, try to answer some questions first.

1. Does my site have any established search engine value? To be able to answer this question, you can contact your SEO expert. The value of search engine can include PageRank, numerous of indexed pages, and backlinks.

2. What benefits will my site get when having a new content management platform? Often times, the additional programming can make your existing system works more optimally, so it then can meet your need. Does this look like a great benefit for your website and even your online business?

3. When I move to another platform, will my website lose its functionality, features, and elements? Since your original website comes with special functionality and features designed for you and your visitors, you have the reason to never let your site lose them. Moving can be done after you make sure that your new platform is able to replicate or improve it.

It doesn’t matter if you have more questions to ask when having the plan to get the service of website migration from the local provider. Somehow, many people notice that the number of questions reflects the level of your understanding if the web migration provider can answer your question clearly. Take a breath and start to write questions on a list. You still have a lot of time to get started new innovation to your current or origin website.