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How The Black Mold Grow Inside

If there is black mold growing on the particular spot in your home, there is a water leakage for sure. So you need to get in touch with to get the best Water Damage Restoration service to look for the water source that caused black mold to grow. Black mold, like any fungi, needs a nutrient source to keep living and growing. It needs water, oxygen and organic material to grow and you need to be really careful because black mold is really toxic. You might see there are many ways to remove the black mold on your own, but you will expose yourself to serious health risk because direct contact with the mold could lead to skin irritation and even skin cancer. Moreover, if you disturb it, it will release the spores that if inhaled potentially caused lung cancer and death. Black mold or Stachybotrys chartarum or Stachybotrys atra is the most lethal mold kind that could be found in the warm, damp and humid environment either indoors or outdoors. This particular mold thrives on the surface that has high cellulose content like wood, paper, lint, fiberboard, dust and gypsum board.

The worst part of the black mold is not the mold itself but the spores. The spore is microscopic and invisible to naked eye. Spores of the black mold could survive in the harsh and dry environment and it will start to grow when come in contact with any moisture. That is why if the spores inhaled, it will grow inside the body for human body consists of 70% liquid. That is why it is suggested to call to avoid any risk that the black mold could caused. The professionals from this company will first dry your house form any excessive water and moisture then they will repair the source of the water damage in your home.