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Alternate clerks and young clerks

With a lot of work, it is very unlikely if members of the clerk’s just a little bit for sure they have a lot of members. As we know they have a responsibility to make the proceedings go smoothly and not something bad but if there was a personal clerk who could not attend the trial because of illness or other important matter so, the clerk’s office will send the alternate clerk. Not different with the clerk of court but we can say if the responsibility of alternate clerk is less because they have not experienced and can not follow the case from the half. If they include from the beginning of the case may be there will understand what they have to do. The major function of alternate clerks is helping the judges in the case of legal proceedings in civil law or criminal law. They must report the result of trial to the young clerks who follow the case.

For some people, they do not know what the role of young clerks because it was like they did not really matter in court or trial but we have to know they needed. Young clerks are not young but their job is easier than clerks. They have a duty to help the leader of court and make the court work program for all members. The program will be used in a short term and long term. It is intended to exercise their responsibility in the organization. We can say if the court is a government agency which has a number of events within one year. If the young clerk can make a good event, the possibility to be a senior clerk is big. The young clerk also helps the clerk to resolve administrative problems either processing or preparation of the trial until the end.