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What Are Type of False Teeth that Commonly Use?

Know Your False Teeth (denture) type that you will use is a very important thing. So that you feel confident in your own choice. Of course with the help of an explanation of the dentist, you can determine the choice of the most suitable dentures. So there is not any way to ask the user dentures around you about the types of dentures are they wearing and what they think about the fake teeth you can also visit Dr. Kenneth l fong dds and consult what kind of dentures that fit with you.

Here are some types of dentures are commonly used:
– Removable Denture, called removable dentures because it is easily installed and removed by the wearer.

– Jacket Denture(Crown), this model is made to cover the original teeth that have been damaged but the nerve roots and is still functioning well.

– Denture Implants, installed by instilling false teeth into the gums. However, the installation of dentures with implants are more complex and need special requirements.