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Got a hot ‘Great Gatsby’ theme party to Attend but stuck on what to wear? Do not worry!

So what if you get a luxurious party invitation and you are remembered in 1920 with the same concept? You will definitely imagined the dress style of Leonardo DiCaprio or Buchanan, is not it? You will be tempted to wear expensive clothes while you do not have enough money to buy a costume that you want or maybe you do not have time to visit vintage stores around your home. Then you worry that later, you can not perform optimally in your Great Gatsby party. Calm and do not panic, there are many solutions to overcome this, one of which is the Buy Great Gatsby Costumes Online.

You might crave latest styles adapted from the works Fitzgerland collaboration with Miuccia Prada on beautiful pieces worn by Daisy Buchanan. This appearance seems very classic, but when viewed in his time, it is a very modern way of dressing. With a large selection of beautiful silk, chiffon or in fact rope! Ideally, cloth hanging with soft materials will look right in your body. You can choose pieces with soft material like Ruffles Cascading accented with manic-beads and bows, at the top on the side near the shoulder, you can wear the stole fake fur or jacket that is perfect for the material a bit thin so you’ll get a lovely gesture.

For accessories, you can leave the house with gloves and still decorated manic-beads. If you do not like manic-beads, you can wear a shell motif that is reminiscent of the Art Deco motif that is found in secondhand shops and you are advised to wear a sparkling necklace, diamond earrings to add to your appearance. Do not forget the final touch in the form of headpiece large and lustrous, or you can wear hairpins and let your hair shiny it looks neat and slick so you can look glamorous in front of people. For shoes, you can wear a Jazz Age is not too high and the heel slightly lower throughout the 3 inches to make you look good at the party later.