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Challenges Driver License and ID Scanner Signature Pad

One of the main challenges for Driver License Scanner ID, Passport Scanner or Signature Pad is to save hotel software local images and keep pictures of people for a long duration. Traditionally image management is a big problem because usually after a few months or years of use does not exist, in the sense that the recorded images either disappeared or they have special additions to ID guests and signature on each guest ID. Hence they are in need of software that it can manage the data that will be stored in the cloud without adding costs.

Through the ASI system, then all the data or pictures can be stored at least 5 years and have possessed a backup of the data that resides on the server. ASI software also offers all the software interface such as GDS Interface, Interface OTA and online software such as hotel reservations. ASI maintains one of the best in the world of technology infrastructure to manage their cloud servers. 99.9% ASI cloud servers to prevent data leakage, so you do not need to worry if your data is personally known to others because of the ASI, all your data will be stored securely.