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Extended Auto Warranty

Everyone wants to cover their cars for longer period of time as repair costs keep rising using the best protection plans. The average cost of a car is $ 25,600 which is so expensive and owners expect a smooth operation in the entire life of the vehicle at the time of purchase. However this is not the case as problems keep on occurring day in day out. This is why most people are turning to Extended Auto Warranty simply for the aim of protecting their investment. Extended Auto Warranty has also been termed as ?Engine Health Insurance’.

With Extended Auto, you pay considerate amount of money to avoid paying more and more money during the time of repair. It is a similar plan to Automobile Insurance. In insurance you get to earn what you pay for and therefore if you pay less it means you will not get the required coverage. This plan is made to meet different budgets and needs after the original warranty of your vehicle expires. It is also valued as it is transferable at the time you sell your vehicle to other private third party and may raise the resale value of your vehicle.

When you want to take an Extended Auto Warranty, there are certain things that you are required to put into consideration. First, you need to decide well whether you really need it. This is because most manufacturers would like to offer 3 year per 36000 miles protection. Others would offer an extended warranty on power-train and engine components and limited warranties on used cars. These plans do offer consumers an excellent automobile protection. However in case you drive for more than 12000 miles in a year, then the extended plan offers that kind of security you want. Consumers ought to keep in mind that it is less expensive to buy the plan at the time when the vehicle is still in the coverage of the manufacturer than when the warranty of the manufacturer has expired. So this calls for an early taking of the plan before the expiry of the bumper to bumper protection. This is because most of these plans are insured and self funded. Consumers who take this plan as a security blanket don’t mind paying money up front to evade higher bills on repair in future. Consider the reliability history of your car as other vehicles with above average repair bills makes the plan necessary. Cost of parts is another factor to consider as most local models have cost of repair that is half those of the imported ones. This makes the extended plan desirable for the foreign car owners.

However despite the desirability of the plan there are things that you need to watch out for. Good plans gives you mandate to choose your repair shop, transferability of the warranty, BBB certified and have corporate credit cards in paying for the services. Bad plans on the other hand have non-transferable plans and a large number of exclusions. Extended auto warranty is designed to make operations with your car smooth. Don’t hesitate to take the plan as this is the right way to go.