How to maintain and care house surge protector

Having a house surge protector in you home is a great way for a home appliance protection and money saving. Then, if you could use it for the longer time, it would be a great experience for yourself in which you will get a lot of benefits of using your home devices. Whether you have a new home surge protection or have the old one, there are at least three basic cares or maintenance that you can apply to your home surge protector. Here are some tips that can make home surge protection has a good durability:

1. Do not add outlet by plugging one surge protector to another surge protector.

In this rule, you don’t allow to plug your surge protector to one another because it will cause an excess on power surge or even the wiring on your wall. Similarly, do not plug your surge protector to an undergrounded outlet with different prong. If you want to protect your home surge protection, you are only recommended to use the similar prong.

2. Indicator light

Please make sure that the indicator light work properly when you plug it for the first time. In most home surge protector. They usually have the single grounding light which can indicate the fault in your home surge protection. If there is a fault, it is the reason to call the technicians to determine whether you have a problem of your home surge protection.

3. Unplug your home surge protection

If you want to maintain your home surge protector, you need to unplug your home surge protector if the hazardous thunderstorm occurs. Even, if you find the sign that indicates fire that can cause any damage for your home protector.

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